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a few new products I'm using to up my skincare game |
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stepping up my skincare game

This year, I turned 34 [yikes!], and so I finally decided it’s time I start stepping up my skincare game! I always had pretty good skin through my teenage years. A few zits here and there, lots of freckles, but overall, good.  But then when I got into my mid-20s, I started getting cystic acne.

when in palm springs, pool time is a must! |
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summer ready: my vanquish ME results!

My struggle with my body image since becoming a mother has been a bit of a roller coaster. I have been through highs of feeling like my body is doing exactly what it’s designed to do. And then lows of feeling like I will never get it back. [I’ve opened up about it before here,

me + my babes, poolside in palm springs |
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feeling good in my skin again

It’s been a little while since I talked about it, so I wanted to give an update about where I’m at with this whole topic of body image since motherhood, and how I am finally starting to feel good in my own skin again. I have been thinking about it a lot recently, especially after

learning how to radical self love with the zen bird in phoenix this weekend | thelovedesignedlife
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learning to love myself with the zen bird

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a heart opening workshop with a small group of lovely women, lead by the ever so lovely Marian of The Zen Bird. It was something I was desperately needing, even more than I realized, at first. It didn’t hurt that it was at the adorable Teapot on 5th

fall jammies and cute natural baby toys | the love designed life
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friday faves: fall jammies

We’re finally below 100 degrees here in the desert, which to us spells F A L L and means it’s time for another Friday Faves! If there is one thing we can never seem to keep enough of around here it’s jammies. You guys know I am such a sucker for matching holiday jammies, but

laundry day! | the love designed life
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getting clean when you have allergies + eczema

A while back, I shared some of my favorite personal care products for allergies and eczema types like me. I have suffered from both allergies and eczema to varying degrees for my entire life. But a couple of years ago, a small patch of eczema that just wouldn’t quit eventually reached new levels. It has