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our visit to SEALIFE and LEGOLAND at Arizona Mills | #summer #indooractivities

squeezing the most out of summer

As a kid, I remember summer seeming like it always went by way too fast. Now having kids of my own, it flies by at a dizzying speed! As a mom, I always have grand plans of all the fun things I want us to do together over summer break, and most of the time,

the crazy before the calm at our house during bedtime |

sharing our bedtime story

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I’ve teamed up with The Company Store to share our family’s bedtime story. I’ll be honest with you guys. Most nights, our bedtime routine is anything but. As you might guess from this first pic, it’s mostly chaos! Between after school activities, homework for my oldest,

what we're doing differently for potty training the third time around |

toddler transitions the third time around

Lately we’ve been working on a lot of toddler transitions with our third little bird. Well mostly just two big ones: moving to a “big boy” bed, and potty training. You would think this being our third time that we would have it all nailed down, right? But it’s funny how every child can be

new years update and goals |

a new year update

I thought it was about time for a new year update. I’ve been meaning to write one since the new year began, but It’s been a slow start. We were passing around a bug that might have been the flu between Christmas and New Year’s, in addition to some various other yuckies. In my mind,

a review of our experience at mathnasium with my 1st grader | #mathnasiumphoenix

challenging our big boy with mathnasium

This post was created in collaboration with Mathnasium Phoenix. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own. As we head into the new year and prepare to send the kids back to school, as well as start back up with their after school activities, I wanted to pause for a moment to tell you

easy and quick hairstyle for busy mamas |

super simple hair for busy mamas

I know I’m not the only busy mama out there who just wants a super simple way to do my hair, that makes me look and feel somewhat put together?! Like ya know, maybe not always a top knot. Amiright? Before kids, I used to either blow out or curl my hair every. single. day.