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celebrating #100DaysofSunshine with Cuties | #sponsored
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enjoying the sunshine with cuties

This post has been generously sponsored by Cuties. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own! Lately around here we are all really enjoying the sunshine! The weather here in Arizona seems to take forever to cool off from the sweltering summer, but when it finally does, it is just blissful. A bit of

organic snacks from pure growth organic |
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easy organic snacks for a non-pinterest mom

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a meme that read, “I always wanted to be a Pinterest mom. Turns out, I’m more of an Amazon Prime mom.” Haha, RIGHT?! Being a creative person, I feel this on so many levels. One of them explicitly being in the area of toddler food. Don’t get me wrong,

ending the food war with feeding littles | the love designed life
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our picky eater and how feeding littles helped

Our sweet girl, our second baby, is also our picky eater. This has been SO frustrating for both my husband and I lately! Alessandra is about to turn three [tomorrow] and this has been going on for several months. She usually will eat well at breakfast, snacks are her fave, lunch is about 50/50, and

how we do baby led weaning | the love designed life
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introducing solids the third time around

A while back, I mentioned on my Instagram that we were going to try Baby Led Weaning this time around. If you have never heard of Baby Led Weaning, it is actually super simple. It just means that you let baby feed him or herself, right from the start, with soft or softened food in

homemade pizza for the gluten-free and dairy sensitive | the love designed life
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how to enjoy pizza with food sensitivities

Happy National Pizza Day! Gosh, I do love these made up holidays! Like most people, my husband and I both grew up enjoying pizza as a special treat every now and then. Pizza is an easy comfort food for pretty much any occasion you could think of. But as we grew into adulthood and began

doing the dinnertime shuffle | the love designed life
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things we love: sun basket

Before kids, I loved to cook. The whole process. I would meal plan and actually enjoyed the hunt for the best and rare ingredients. I used to get up early on weekends to run, then afterwards I spent years going around to all the best farmers’ markets around LA to get my produce for my recipes