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the cutest mommy and me matching dresses by ele story |
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love styled: indian summer vibes

Here in the desert, it’s pretty much always summer. But when I started going through these pics for this month’s Love Styled post, these just gave me an Indian Summer vibe. I mean technically speaking, it just still is regular ol’ summer here. The kids may be back in school but with it still being

our modern white boho kitchen remodel - inspo and more on
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the ldl home: our modern kitchen inspo

I’ve had a lot of interest lately in all of our home projects, so today I thought I would round up some of our latest modern kitchen inspo for the LDL Home! This is our current kitchen situation, so you are going to have to use your imagination a little bit with me here. Just

weekend style with my babes |
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love styled: weekending with my babes

Usually for my Love Styled series, I do mama + mini outfits with my girl. But lately, life has just been busy and my girl and I have been doing less matching and more just wearing what works for us. It’s crazy how independent she is these days. And my oldest too – very opinionated

new house update. these little helpers picking paint colors |
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new house update

I’ve had a lot of people ask lately, so I figured I would just give a little new house update! To be honest, it’s been slow. But I’m told that’s always the way it goes with these type of things, so we are trying to find patience. As I mentioned in my first post about

easy like summer style picking lemons in our new home's backyard |
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the story of our new home

If you have been following along with me over on Instagram, you already know that we finally have a new home! I’ve been a little short on details over there, mostly because this has been such a deeply personal process for us, and I am forever at odds with how much of our private life

spring cleaning with desert storage |
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spring cleaning with desert storage

Spring to me is all about flowers and warm weather, sure, but also it’s all about spring cleaning! To be honest, I have been wanting to clean out and organize some spaces in our house for a while. It was one of my New Year’s goals [and on the to-do list even before that]. But