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our love story. 10 year anniversary photos |

our love story

Ten years ago this man and I made a commitment to each other forever and always. TEN years! It’s really hard to believe in so many ways. We’ve been through so much together. In some ways, everything has changed. In others, we are exactly the same. Since this space here is mostly about my motherhood journey,

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three fresh mother’s day gift ideas

My favorite gift for any Mother’s Day every year is brunch, a little family time, and a little bit of alone time in any form I can get it. But, a little gift here and there never hurts! I know it is still a month away, but it’s never to early to start thinking about what

valentine's day breakfast for the kids! love this cactus fine art print from minted. |

a valentine’s day breakfast

Before kids, I was never a big fan of Valentine’s Day. But now that the kids are getting bigger and are in school, it is so fun to find cute activities to do with them to celebrate the holiday of LOVE. So today, I surprised them with a special breakfast with a Valentine’s theme! I

baby boy + me, twinning on christmas day |

our holiday + a few new year goals

Our holiday was such a lovely one, I wanted to share a bit of it, plus a few goals for the new year coming up. I touched on this a bit before, but this is the first year I have felt pretty disillusioned about Christmas. Which for anyone who knows me, it’s pretty strange. For many

love this mountain man in jammies to match the kiddos |
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festive family weekend

We just had such a festive family weekend and it was just what we all needed to settle into the Christmas spirit! I am still feeling conflicted about this season, overall. But this weekend my husband and I took our kids up to the ‘North Pole’ and we had a blast! My heart [and my

just a few of the simple gifts going under our tree this holiday season |

the ldl gift guide: a few things under our tree

For the second and final part of my The LDL Gift Guide this year, just a few things going under our tree! Because I know there are SO many gift guides out there right now, and we honestly are trying to do less! Every year, my husband and I say we aren’t going to do