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a holiday gift guide for the men in your life! #theldlhome #giftguide #mensgiftguide

I think many of us will agree, men are the hardest to shop for! I am so thankful that this year, my husband actually OFFERED to help me with this gift guide: for the men. I of course am super excited about this because he’s making my holiday shopping for him all that much easier! Below are some of the ideas he curated, and I added in a few of my own that I have gifted him in the past.

Just a little background to what my husband is like, so you can get some reference as to his choices. He is outdoorsy – loves to camp, hike, and hunt. He also loves to read and is a voracious learner. And he will sneak away for a round of golf any chance he gets. As you can probably tell, he likes gadgets and is very handy around the house with making things work. Of course, all men are different, but I think a lot of his selections will apply to your average American male. 😉

Another thing he is pretty good at is finding deals. Although he likes the finer things in life, he doesn’t like spending too much on them. Most of these gifts were chosen with a budget in mind, so they are not the most expensive choices in the market, but still are highly rated for quality. We hope you find just the right thing for the man in your life!

the love designed life's gift guide: for the men #giftguide #forthemen #giftideas

  1. Leatherman Pocketknife and Tool: this is the smaller version of the classic leatherman, which is a tool every man needs (according to my husband). This one also comes at a great price point at $90 compared to other high-quality pocket knives/tools.
  2. Flannel Lined Shirt Jacket: a casual mid-layer jacket (or outer layer if you live in warmer climates like us) that can also work for camping or lumberjacking. 😉
  3. Golf Shoes: for the sneaker-head in your life, these classic Air Jordan style shoes will make him look good on the course.
  4. Bluetooth Headphones: my husband has about 85 sets of headphones, but he still wants these. They stay in your ears and are a more affordable option compared to the lusted-after air pods.
  5. Zelite Infinity Knife: Our chef’s knife in our home is our favorite for cooking on a daily basis. Tony picked this one because it has amazing Amazon reviews, and a great price point compared to other high-end knife brands.
  6. Massager Gun: I actually recently got this for my husband’s birthday! He had been eyeing the TheraGun brand- but neither of us was a fan of the price on that one (which ranges anywhere from $200-$600 (!), depending on the model). At $129 (with the current Amazon special) this one seemed like a better option. So far, so good – we both like it and have no complaints.
  7. Moleskin notebook: my husband uses these constantly to take notes for work or keep track of ideas. A great stocking stuffer!
  8. Vinyl Record Player: get your retro vibes on without taking up a lot of space. We have exactly zero vinyls, so I think this might be a *hint hint* for me on a collection that may be in our future.
  9. Smart Scale: This scale links to an app on your phone so you can get more detailed feedback on your overall body composition. This was his (requested) gift last year.
  10. RTIC 110 Cooler: This is admittedly a splurge gift and one I initially wasn’t on board with when he was looking into it a couple of years ago. But we ended up getting it then for camping and road trips and I have been really impressed with how well and how long it keeps our food cold. Downsides are it’s heavy and bulky (takes two to lift it when it’s full) but again, for longer road trips or camping it’s totally worth it.
  11. Master Class All Access: If you aren’t familiar with it already, Master Class offers online classes you can do at your own pace from some of the “worlds’ greatest” in their respective fields. They have a very impressive library! You can purchase classes individually, but an annual pass (billed at $15/month) would make a great gift for a fellow voracious learner.
  12. Mesh Wi-Fi System: With more and more of us working and schooling from home these days, there’s no doubt we need fast and reliable internet connections. We’ve had a mesh system in our house for the last 3 years and I personally (as the one who’s been working from home the longest) have been so happy with our internet connection. I linked a 3-pack, but the number of boosters you need all depends on the size of your home and where in your home you need internet streaming.

You can find most of these gift ideas, plus a few more in my Amazon Store under the men’s gift guide! Let me know if we hit the mark on these gift ideas, or what we may have missed, in the comments below!


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