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philosophie super foods - a cleanse review | the love designed lifeIt’s been a little quiet here on the blog because we are getting ready to move this week! I mentioned this on my Instagram, but we are moving into our first house and we are very excited! We have been wanting to buy a house for forever, but we also want to take our time and make sure we find the right house for us. So this house we will actually still be renting while we figure out what we are going to do with our lives. ūüėČ

Anyway, I wanted to take a break from all the crazy purging, packing, and organizing to tell you about this cleanse I am doing this week. I have been¬†a fan of cleanses for a while now and I try to do them periodically, whenever I feel like my body needs a little refresh. I have tried some of the liquid only type cleanses and those just aren’t for me. I like to eat and not be starving, thanks. I have also tried various versions of elimination cleanses. I understand the principles behind these types of diets, but they can be challenging¬†if you are unfamiliar with them in that it can make eating and shopping for food stressful. Also I personally have so many food sensitivities, I literally¬†can’t eliminate them all without starving!

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My biggest concern with doing a cleanse right now [and the reason I haven’t done one in a while] is that I am breastfeeding. But then I met my new friend Sophie Jaffe, owner and creator of The Philosophie. Sophie is a health and wellness expert, raw food chef, yogi, and mama of two sweet boys herself. I recently got a chance to try a Philosophie smoothie when I got together with this amazing group of mamas¬†–¬†and the smoothies were delicious! So I asked Sophie if her cleanse was safe for breastfeeding women like me?

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She said absolutely! Because this cleanse is a gentle, food based cleanse, the idea is the one should never feel deprived. Only fill yourself with super clean, whole foods. For breastfeeding women or those who exercise vigorously, Sophie recommends adding 300 calories per day. I personally am just not much of a calorie counter, so I just try to stick with the general guidelines of the cleanse, but I eat as much as I need to fill me up. I am also sure to bring snacks for me and the kiddos everywhere we go so when hunger strikes, I am ready!

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I am currently in the middle of the DIY 5-day Cleanse. Overall I love it!¬†My energy levels are way up and without any caffeine! I don’t feel deprived or starving in anyway. I thought I might be a little crazy trying to do this cleanse right before our move, but actually all of the recipes and meals are extremely easy to prepare and make, which makes life easier when everything else is in chaos!

I will update here in this post after I finish the cleanse to let you know my reslults!

1/20/15 Update: I LOVED this cleanse! I was feeling so good, I wish I could have kept going! I lost a couple of pounds, but more importantly, my energy levels were up and I was much less bloated and lethargic. Alas, with the craziness of our move, I couldn’t even find my blender for a few days, so I fell off the wagon. But I will for sure do this one again and next time, maybe even go for the 14 day version!

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