when you just really need someone to watch your kids

when you really just need someone to watch your kids | thelovedesignedlife.com

Sometimes, you just really need someone to watch your kids. As a full-time mom who also works from home, my schedule can be erratic. So when I need to make a meeting, or I have a photoshoot, or I just need to go to the goshdarn dentist already, I need options. I’m pretty lucky in that my husband’s job is somewhat flexible and he is able to work from home sometimes. On regular days, it’s better for all of us when he goes into the office. But when this mama needs to work or take care of something, he can usually step in to help me out.

However this year, he has been traveling a lot more for work and to be honest, it has really taken a toll on all of us. This week, he had to take a last-minute overnight trip, and I had already scheduled a long-overdue dentist appointment. My initial thought was just to cancel/reschedule the dentist, but I had already arranged my whole day around it. Not to mention I had already put this off for far too long. Then, I remembered a friend who had told me about KidsPark drop-in daycare. I had never actually tried it before, but I figured this would be the perfect time to do it!

I found a KidsPark location near me here in Arizona and checked out the website first. I loved that the rate is hourly and they have amazing extended hours, so you only pay for what you need. They are even open until midnight on Friday and Saturdays! Hellllo future date night. And no reservations required! You just have to register in advance, which is just a bit of paperwork on your first visit. And then you are good to go anytime! I also really loved that all teachers have an Early Childhood background and pass all background checks.

Click here to see if there is a KidsPark location near you!

KidsPark is drop-in daycare for when you just need someone to watch your kids! | thelovedesignedlife.com running into KidsPark so mama can make her dentist appointment! | thelovedesignedlife.com my sweet girl | thelovedesignedlife.com

The day I took my little two in, I posted on Instagram that we were going, and I asked what other mamas do when they just have to get stuff done? [you can see the post here] I was blown away by all the responses that came back! It’s one of the things I truly love about this community: when we can help each other out and give ideas for how to make this busy season of motherhood a little easier! So I wanted to share a few of the most common suggestions I got. Some of these are pretty obvious, but you know how sometimes you just feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to this stuff? So keep this in your pocket and know that you always have options!

  1. Ask a family member. [Obviously grandma, but an aunt, cousin, or other relative are often more than willing, if you’re lucky enough to have them live near!]
  2. Hire a sitter. I’ve been able to find good ones through our gym daycare and know some people who ask at their child’s preschool. And of course there are services now too, where you can find someone online.
  3. Trading with another mom (she takes your kids one day, you take hers another). I do this whenever I can! Any mom who offers, I take them up on it! And I am always more than willing to take my friend’s kiddos if they need me to.
  4. A drop-in daycare like KidsPark! Like I said, this was such a lifesaver for me on this particular day when I needed to go to the dentist and my husband’s schedule had a last minute change. I just love the idea that now I have this in my back pocket for when a sitter falls through or the kids are out of school!

Oh and lastly, some of you asked how it went with my kiddos there. At first, they were a little unsure. My daughter asked if I was going to stay with them. Diego cried. So I walked them in and helped them get started playing. It’s getting hot here in AZ, so they had the little ones out in this cute play area with the water table at the time we arrived. Normally they would separate these ages, but they let siblings stay together in this case, which I also loved! When I came back, they were both happily playing but also happy to see me. Which is just about the best scenario, don’t you think?

once he found the basketball hoop, he was happy | thelovedesigendlife.com my girl playing at the water table at our local KidsPark | thelovedesigendlife.com KidsPark was such a great option for when I just needed someone to watch my kids! | thelovedesigendlife.com playing at the water table at our local KidsPark drop-in childcare | thelovedesigendlife.com

As for me and the dentist, it was not exactly as fun. I had a cavity. Which was unexpected because I’ve only ever had one other one in my whole life and have generally had really good oral health. I must be getting old or something! So even though I was planning to make a quick trip to the dentist and then run some errands, it turned into a long trip to the dentist and no errands. Ahh well, at least I knew my kids were happy and safe at KidsPark and I got that dentist appointment checked off my list!

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3 Comments on when you just really need someone to watch your kids

  1. Jenny
    May 30, 2017 at 8:00 AM (5 years ago)

    I’ve taken my kids to Kidspark a few times and they had a blast. I love that it doesn’t require reservations in case something pops up last minute. Great post!!

  2. Kat Fox
    May 31, 2017 at 11:18 PM (5 years ago)

    How cool! I’ll have to share this with my brother.