a special date night

my three little ones checking out the back of this Lexus RX SUV we got to try out! | thelovedesignelife.com

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I got the opportunity to leave these three with a sitter for a rare and very special date night to see a concert, courtesy of our friends over at LexusFlorida Georgia Line was in town, so when I got offered the tickets, I immediately said yes!!

To be honest, I used to be a bigger country music fan in my younger days. I grew up in Colorado, where there are lots of cowboys. I guess you could say it’s not my first rodeo. 😉 I have sort of fell out of the country music scene in more recent years. But my husband is more of a fan, so he was pumped when I told him I got these tix! And I’m just like, any excuse for a date night, yes please! With all of his travel for work lately [and I have also been traveling this month] time together is hard to come by. Between that and coordinating a sitter and all the planning that goes into a night out, it’s can be such a challenge for us to get out to do something fun like this, just the two of us anymore. But hard as it is, we both think it is important to make time for each other. Our relationship is the foundation of this family, after all! We aim to do a date night at least once a month, whether it is something fun and extra special like a concert, or low-key like a movie.

date night! on our way to a concert in our fancy lexus

On this particular Sunday, I was knee deep in one of my wallpaper projects [coming to the blog soon] and just couldn’t stop. You know how it is once you get into a project? So of course we were running late to the concert and I didn’t really get to take too many pictures. My 3-year-old snapped this one quickly right before we rushed out. I love it because she took it, and we are together, in our new driveway of our new home. All the feels guys. [I don’t love that our home is still unfinished on this portion and is still a very cringe-worthy orange color. You can’t win ’em all!]

By the time we got to the concert it was already dark and the first act was on stage. We rushed in to find our seats and check it out. After the first opener, we were also invited to the Lexus VIP lounge. I did some stories on my Instagram when we were in there, but I didn’t take a ton of pics inside either. Partially because it was dark and I’m no good at nighttime photography. Haha. But also because I am trying to be better about being more present with my loved ones when I get these precious opportunities to spend time with them, ya know? I am guilty of too often having my phone and/or camera out to try to capture the moment, rather than just living it. So on this night, we were loving this chill space and listening to a small band in between sets on the main stage.

at the lexus vip lounge for the florida georgia line concert | thelovedesignedlife.com our lexus experience at the florida georgia line concert! | thelovedesignedlife.com

We also got to keep this Lexus RX450h for the week to drive around! I wanted an SUV so I could get all three carseats into it. The cool thing about this model is that it does have the three rear anchors for car seats, as well as two sets of seat latches on the back seats. Unfortunately our car seats were just a bit bulky now that the kids are all forward facing to all squeeze all three of them back there. So I used this car just for running errands on my own when my husband had the kids. I loved the way it drove! It’s a super smooth car-like ride. Which is much different than my usual bigger SUV. And the technology in the car was ah-mazing. It had an overhead view backup camera! Like how the heck does that even work? And so many more features that I didn’t even have the chance to explore before it had to go back.

my kiddos checking out this Lexus RX | thelovedsignedlife.com my kiddos checking out this Lexus RX | thelovedsignedlife.com my three little ones checking out the back of this Lexus RX SUV we got to try out! | thelovedesignelife.com

So like I said, this was a special date night for us because it was something different than we would normally do! Usually we just go to dinner or maybe over to a friend’s house or something. But I’m wondering for my fellow mamas out there, what kind of things do you do for date night? I need some fun low-key or even stay at home date night ideas! Send me all your ideas here in the comments! xoxo


Thank you to Lexus for gifting us the tickets us to the concert and for letting me drive around the beautiful car for a week in exchange for sharing my experience here. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own, friends!

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