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doing the dinnertime shuffle | the love designed life Before kids, I loved to cook. The whole process. I would meal plan and actually enjoyed the hunt for the best and rare ingredients. I used to get up early on weekends to run, then afterwards I spent years going around to all the best farmers’ markets around LA to get my produce for my recipes for the week ahead. My husband and I would take turns cooking, or cook together. Even as our diets changed over the years, it was still fun because it meant we had to think outside of the box and try new things.

roasted salmon with orange-jicima salad | the love designed life doing the dinnertime shuffle | the love designed life Now with three small children, we are in the same situation as many families, I’m sure, where cooking a meal from scratch has become more of a chore and quite frankly, unrealistic for our schedules. Ironically, my kids probably eat better than we do because I feel I am constantly trying to prepare them healthy balanced meals quickly [as they generally eat earlier than us for most meals] and I put myself last. Even when we try to plan family meals now, when it gets to the end of the day and we are all tired and grumpy, the idea of figuring out what we need for a recipe, gathering all the ingredients, and then cooking it, just feels too daunting.

sun basket recipe cards. beautiful pictures and easy to read! | the love designed life Tired of the unhealthy food rut we had fallen into, I started looking for a way we could all eat better as a family, and that is how I stumbled across Sun Basket. Sun Basket is a new healthy meal kit service that delivers sustainably sourced organic ingredients and easy, delicious recipes for cooking at home. All the recipes are super easy and take about thirty minutes to complete! You are delivered exactly what ingredients you need [other than a few staples such as olive oil, salt, pepper, etc.], nothing more and nothing less, so you don’t have to worry about wasting that rare ingredient that you needed for just one recipe.

chopping for roasted salmon | the love designed life baby food testerThere are a few other things really drew me to Sun Basket over some of the other similar meal delivery services. First of all, you get to choose your meals each week, with Paleo, Gluten‐free and Vegetarian options! I’ve always been concerned that with our family’s food restrictions, we wouldn’t be able to find three recipes per week that fit all of our needs. But since you get to chose your meals with Sun Basket, there’s no guessing and you can pick out exactly what you want. I have ours automatically set to Vegetarian, but if I want to switch it out for one reason or another, I can simply login to my account and change one, two, or all three meals for the week.

we made this delicious roasted salmon with orange-jicama saladSecondly, Sun Basket offers one meal choice per week with two breakfasts! I feel we often get stuck in food ruts, especially at breakfast, so it is so nice to be able to break that up a bit with our Sun Basket delivery. Finally, I love that SunBaset uses all regional, seasonal, and mostly organic ingredients sourced from Southwest and West Coast farms, which promotes community and the slow food movement and reduces their carbon footprint. They are currently shipping only to California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado,Utah, Idaho and Nevada in their 100% recylclable packaging. We just put all the ice packs and such back into the box and attach the pre-printed label and the postman comes to get it! It is really so easy.

These pics were taken in our home the other night making the Roasted Salon with Orange-Jicama Salad. This is one of the rare occasions in the day when I will usually let my bigger two watch some TV so I can focus on getting dinner made.

cooking with baby in tow | the love designed life hi baby! | the love designed life lots of kiss breaks when cooking | the love designed life You can order a Sun Basket for two or four people, and I opted for four, even though two of us are small [sometimes picky] eaters. For those recipes that the kids didn’t eat as much of, I still was happy because I got their yummy leftovers for lunch the next day! If you want to try Sun Basket in your home, you can click through here to get $30 off your Sun Basket order! Organic ingredients from the best West Coast farms and easy, healthy recipes delivered weekly. I really think you will love it. Or, enter for your chance to win one FREE week of meal delivery [for two people, a value of $68.94], simply by entering your email below! There are also multiple entries available by following us both on social media if you want more chances to win!

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  1. Diana
    April 10, 2016 at 9:34 PM (7 years ago)

    What an awesome service! I hope I win! 🙂