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little vw bus box cars made from cardboard! |

The other day, I decided to get crafty with the kids and we ended up having so much fun with some creative cardboard play! We always have cardboard laying around here. Mostly from our weekly Sunbasket and monthly Honest Co. deliveries. Convenience is my MO! And even though I always make sure it ends up in the recycling, I like to put carboard to as much use as I possibly can. So I usually let the kids play with the boxes in one form or another for at least a little while before I take them out.

One of the games we play a lot is “push the baby around in the box.” We have been doing this with my oldest since he was a baby. All the kids LOVE it! So I thought, why not make the boxes into little cars? I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time cutting and taping them back together. So instead, I decided to break out my craft paints and brushes and paint on to these little box cars. And what car is more boxy than a VW bus, right? It was an obvious choice.

I started with these two boxes. Then, I just free hand sketched with a pencil the outline details of a VW Bus, using a picture I found on Pinterest. And then painted it in! I used to do a lot of crafting and I kinda forgot how relaxing and therapeutic it can be! Especially painting.

boxes from our regular deliveries, about to become a fun craft for the kids! | craft paint + cardboard boxes are all you need for this kid's craft! | a former honest co. box about to become a mini vw bus! | baby vw bus box car in progress | my little aritste, helping me paint |

Of course as soon as my girl saw the paints out, she had to join me! So I set her up at the easel to paint with me.

Once they were all done and dry, we took them for a spin!

checking out the new vw bus box car sitch | checking out the vw bus box car craft | he approves of this creative cardboard play! | big brother helping with the cardboard box car races | and they're off! love these little vw bus box cars from cardboard | what a creative way to use an old cardboard box - a vw bus! |

I’m so happy the kids had fun playing with these! This sort of ended up being a mommy craft, but the fact that they had fun is all that matters! Haha.

If you want to see more fun ideas for creative cardboard play, head over to my Instagram @thelovedesignedlife today. Find the post with this pic in it, then check the caption because I tagged a few other awesome and creative mamas who did their own cardboard projects with their kids today! So many good ideas, I’ll never be throwing cardboard straight in the recycling again!



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