my birth center bag

packing my birth center bag

Last week, I told you guys why I love our new Modern Burlap swaddle and why it’s going in my birth center bag.  This week we are still waiting for baby, and I am running around nesting like mad, so I thought I would share a few more of my favorite things that are going with me in my bag.

Giving birth at a birth center is only slightly different from a hospital in what you need to pack.  We won’t be there for as long (most birth center stays average between two to six hours after baby is born) but there are some additional articles that are a good idea to bring that you might not need if you were having a hospital birth.  So first of all, we’ll start with my mommy items.

This diaper bag, which I actually got when I pregnant with my daughter, I love for it’s versatility.  It’s the Danzo Weekender [similar diaper bag here] and it has a ton of great little clear pockets inside with red Velcro labels that help keep all of your stuff organized.  For a day-to-day diaper bag, I still use my LV Neverfull, but this bag is bigger and is good for an overnight bag or just for a purpose such as this where you might need to carry more stuff.

mama's birth center stuff | the love designed life

This super soft over-sized nightgown tee and matching robe are also oldies-but-goodies in my wardrobe that came as part of the Hatch-to-Hospital gift set I got when I was pregnant with my daughter.  They also came with these chicer-than-average granny panties (a must for the first couple of weeks postpartum) and these cashmere socks.  I’m honestly not much of a sock person (and it is August in the desert over here), but you never know, so I’m bringing them along anyway.  Also shown here are some washable nursing pads, natural breastfeeding butter from Blueberries & Lace, and an older swimsuit of mine.  I plan to do at least some laboring in the water so I will wear the top just to feel a little bit more secure.

Not pictured, but still essentials are a soft (no wire!) nursing bra, a comfortable change of clothes for both me and my husband to go home in, my personal care items, and of course, our camera!  Our birth center has offered to take pictures for us, which I am totally happy about because that way my husband won’t have to worry about it too much, but it’s always nice to have an extra one around just in case!

Now for the cute baby stuff.

baby's birth center stuff | the love designed life

This super soft muslin swaddle blanket, which I have already mentioned.  And how darling is this organic cotton layette bundle from Mabo Children’s Clothier?  Ok, I had to include these sweet little moccasins from Cage & Lantern in the picture, but they definitely won’t fit him when he’s brand new, so they probably won’t make the trip with us to the birth center (although we will bring some little socks for his toesies).  This natural diaper balm is also from Blueberries & Lace and we will bring along some of these teeny-tiny newborn diapers and wipes from the Honest Co.  As a mama who plans to exclusively breastfeed, I don’t actually plan on introducing the pacifier right away.  However, it’s always hard to say what might happen, so I am going to bring along one of these Natursutton pacis just in case and our Ryan & Rose cutie clip to help keep track of it.  And most importantly, but not pictured, we will bring our Peg Perego infant carseat, which I just finished washing, putting back together, and installing in our car over the weekend.

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