the water park at the cambria hotel, anaheim, CA
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10 hotels for your disneyland vacay

I have always been a HUGE fan of Disney. Starting from the time I was young and obsessed with Disney princess movies, up to the time we lived in SoCal where my first two babies were born, and still to this day! The magic is just undeniable. I have also always dreamed of being an

our romantic cabo getaway #thelovedesignedlife #cabosanlucas #travel
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our romantic cabo getaway

A few weeks back, my husband and I finally got our romantic Cabo getaway. This was another do-over from his 40th birthday festivities last November, when we all came down with the big C and cancelled all of our plans, including Thanksgiving and this trip. Life has a funny way of slowing us down when

new feminine office reveal #thelovedesignelife #homeoffice
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the ldl home: feminine office update

I LOVE working in my latest room update in the LDL home: feminine office update! But this wasn’t always the case. When I first started my blog and social media seven years ago, we lived in a tiny two-bedroom apartment and had zero dedicated work space, while my husband was also working from home and

whiskey and cigar themed fortieth birthday party

surprise whiskey + cigar 40th birthday

I know it’s a busy season for most of us, but the fall/holiday season is extra busy in our household on any given year. Especially this year because I decided to add into the mix a BIG surprise whiskey + cigar themed 40th birthday party for my husband! Hence (again) why this post is a

happy new year kitchen refresh #thelovedesignedlife #theldlhome #kitchen #kitchenisland #kitchenstools
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the ldl home: new year kitchen refresh

Happy New Year! Can I still say that this late into January? I’m going with it. 😉 I’m excited to share this little kitchen refresh with you today! Before the holidays, I really wanted to give our kitchen a little refresh, with the intention of it being ready before company arrived. Well, as many of

backyard bday with snow cones, a picnic, and a white bounce house, of course #thelovedesignedlife #spa party

honey bee spa birthday party

My sweet girly girl’s honey bee spa birthday party was back in November, which always tends to be a bit of a crazy/busy time, falling right in between my husband’s birthday (who turned a BIG number this year) and Thanksgiving. I tried to get ahead of the game this year, but it seems like her