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the story of our new home

If you have been following along with me over on Instagram, you already know that we finally have a new home! I’ve been a little short on details over there, mostly because this has been such a deeply personal process for us, and I am forever at odds with how much of our private life

spring cleaning with desert storage | thelovedesignedlife.com
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spring cleaning with desert storage

Spring to me is all about flowers and warm weather, sure, but also it’s all about spring cleaning! To be honest, I have been wanting to clean out and organize some spaces in our house for a while. It was one of my New Year’s goals [and on the to-do list even before that]. But

mother's day gift ideas on thelovedesignedlife.com

three fresh mother’s day gift ideas

My favorite gift for any Mother’s Day every year is brunch, a little family time, and a little bit of alone time in any form I can get it. But, a little gift here and there never hurts! I know it is still a month away, but it’s never to early to start thinking about what

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stepping up my skincare game

This year, I turned 34 [yikes!], and so I finally decided it’s time I start stepping up my skincare game! I always had pretty good skin through my teenage years. A few zits here and there, lots of freckles, but overall, good.  But then when I got into my mid-20s, I started getting cystic acne.

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creative cardboard play

The other day, I decided to get crafty with the kids and we ended up having so much fun with some creative cardboard play! We always have cardboard laying around here. Mostly from our weekly Sunbasket and monthly Honest Co. deliveries. Convenience is my MO! And even though I always make sure it ends up

checking out our new cactus from @minted | thelovedesignedlife.com
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gallery wall inspiration + the minted anniversary sale

Our favorite resource for all things printed, Minted, is marking their nine years anniversary starting today. I’m not usually one to share sales here on the blog [other than Black Friday, of course], but this one is worth it. They even have a 15% off discount on everything, even fine art, which is one area that rarely